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MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Accountancy-fiscaliteit
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Financie- en verzekeringswezen
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Logistiek management
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Marketing
MC - Bedrijfsmanagement - Rechtspraktijk


Audit en consulting

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As a financial auditor or company auditor, you and your clients will be investigating the reality behind the beating heart of the company: the annual accounts. You have the talent to give voice to the figures. You investigate, analyse and draw conclusions.You track down operational weaknesses and financial and accounting risks. You swiftly combine information from different sources to one conclusion. You can monitor different teams in different places and steer them to course. But all this responsibility doesn't rest on your shoulders alone: you can rely on the help and expertise of an audit team with young, dynamic colleagues for whom variation is as much of a must as it is for you. You choose whether you want a career in the financial or non-financial sector. As an auditor in the financial sector, you take part in audits of banks, insurance companies, investment funds and leasing and real estate firms. If you opt for the non-financial sector or industry, your clients will be from sectors like pharmaceuticals, retail, FMCG, telecom, automotive, technology and services.

Not sure if you want to jump right in or continue your education? We've got you covered there too: we support you on the completion of your master's degree while you're working with us in Audit. Whichever road you choose, we're pleased to offer you a job in the "best business school of the world"!


If you
have a bachelor or master's degree in (applied) economics, accountancy, law, business studies, business engineering, civil engineering or another relevant economic major, possibly via a second master's degree. For auditors, it's an advantage (but not a must) that their degree syllabus includes a solid basic course in accountancy, preferably with a number of financial analysis subjects.
graduate this academic year or have up to two years’ experience.
are a born team player and are keen to take the initiative. You have a critical, analytical mind, but are also client-oriented and an especially good communicator.
are keen to keep on learning and developing, with a view to continued growth.
are fluent in French and/or Dutch, plus in English.
Then you could be the person we’re looking for!


We have this opportunity at our Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège office to start in September 2018. This is a unique chane to be an integral part of our Audit practice and the fascinating projects we work on. You'll deal

with a wide variety of clients and intriguing cases, with the support and expertise of a dynamic and talented team. We’re committed to your growth and development, both on the job and via our training programs. We offer a competitive compensation package, attractive perks and great work-life balance options.


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13 juni, 2018 to 31 augustus, 2018
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Woluwedal 18